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Featured image announces the options discussed: AWS vs Shared Hosting.
In this article, we discuss “AWS vs Shared Hosting“, which is shorthand for comparing the use of the Amazon Cloud to host your website (by using Amazon Web Service server space), compared with the much better-known method of using a “Static Server” such as provided by […]
Illustration shows; Shared Hosting Email Sending Limit
Believe it or not, there are hidden shared hosting email sending limits you probably aren’t aware of as a shared hosting account holder similar to those imposed by Microsoft and Gmail. We explain how no longer does the average person have the freedom to be able […]
Consumers Are Drawn to Authority Figures A large part of running a business is attracting new customers. However, with so many competitors out there, convincing consumers to choose your brand isn’t always easy. Consumers are drawn to authority figures, which is why authority marketing can prove […]