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Kamara ‘vindicated’ after Slavia’s Kudela handed 10-match ban for racism
Paris (AFP) – Rangers said Glen Kamara had been vindicated after UEFA banned Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela for 10 European matches on Wednesday for racially abusing the Finnish midfielder in a Europa League match. Kamara has been suspended for three matches in UEFA club competitions […]
47 Side Hustles for Moms to Try in 2021
Whether you’re a full-time working mom or you stay at home to take care of the kids, you may find yourself looking for ways to boost your family’s income. Make use of your spare time by taking on a side hustle to expand your budget. Consider […]
On This Page How Can You Reduce Your Water Footprint? Choosing Home Water Filters & Other Water Treatment Systems 7 ways to conserve water and reduce your water footprint How much filtered water do you need? What kind of system do you need, and how does […]
impacted ear wax treatment
How is earwax impaction treated? If left untreated, excessive earwax may cause symptoms of earwax impaction to become worse. These symptoms might include hearing loss, ear irritation, etc. A build-up of earwax might also make it difficult to see into the ear, which may result in […]
Video is part of the marketing strategy mix for 81% of companies Are you looking for a cost-effective way to market your business or a client’s?  Is a client looking at you funny when you mention “storytelling”?  Are your clients annoyed that you’re prioritizing video and […]
High-quality customer reviews are essential for all business in the travel sector. Potential guests are scouring online review platforms to choose where they would like to book accommodation, restaurants and tours. 93% of travellers worldwide saying online reviews influence their booking choices. Getting more reviews for […]
On This Page Does catnip make cats high? Can too much catnip kill a cat? What happens if you give your cat too much catnip? Do Cheetahs like catnip? What does catnip do to lions? Does catnip work on lions and tigers? What animals are attracted […]
You might be a little incredulous to read that people are using CBD cream for treating acne. Is there nothing they won't claim as a benefit from the CBD compound which is closely related to Cannabis! But, don't be so hasty to dismiss this as hype. […]
Screamers: Chelsea’s best ever Champions League goals
Chelsea have been perennial contenders for the Champions League for much of the past two decades, the club’s billionaire investment designed to take the west Londoners to the summit of club football. Roman Abramovich’s lavish spending has seen several huge names arrive at Stamford Bridge, the […]