Surviving Solo Travel

Leaving the comfort of your home to travel alone might be daunting. Is there a contingency plan in case things don’t work out? So, what happens if you end up stuck? Would you recommend going out alone at night?

In addition to the ones already listed, what am I to do if my bags go missing? What am I to do if my vehicle becomes stuck in a ditch? Would robbers come after me? Before setting off on their first solo journey, many travellers encounter challenges.

Read on for advice on how to make it through solo travel without losing your mind. In addition to teaching you a lot about the world and yourself, it will give you all the information you need to go on a solo adventure.

Take Stock of Your Skills.

Feeling anxious before a solo trip is up to you and your travel objectives. When you think about doing something new, does the idea excite you or make you anxious?

Do you prefer being the centre of attention, and are you sociable? In that case, go somewhere you’re fluent in the language; otherwise, you risk going mad from a lack of communication.

Conversely, when travelling alone as an introvert, remember the language barrier. Cities with a thriving café culture are perfect places to people-watch because of their energy and vitality.

tips for surviving solo travel

Do Your Homework.

Our top recommendation for making it through solo travel unscathed is to think about your vacation goals and where you’re likely to achieve them.

Want to Know Where I Can Lie Down?

If you’re travelling solo, one option is to stay in someone’s home or flat; this will allow you to meet locals immediately. Numerous possibilities will be available to you as a lone tourist. No matter how much your landlord resists taking you out on the town, you’ll still pick up some local tips. Lone travellers are also considered when designing hostels.

Welcome Your True Self.

Being alone for long periods of time could be scary, but according to one of our writers’ top pieces of advice for solo travellers, you should just roll with it. Perhaps you will come to like your own company as you go along.

If you’d rather be social, you can always meet new people. At a tourist destination, for instance, you may volunteer to take a family photo or offer to sit next to a rowdy bunch at a bar. If you plan to travel alone, this is one of our best suggestions.

Capture Images.

You can structure your day by making it a mission to capture quirky facts about an area through photography.

Your friends back home will love hearing your take on the photos and the backstory you provided.

It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on your travels and everything you accomplished.

Eat in Private.

Although you might feel anxious about eating out alone (and maybe even crave fast food to stave off social embarrassment), you should put that fear aside.

Enjoy a romantic dinner for one at a fine dining establishment. Servers are happy to help lone customers who beam and say, “I came all the way here just to eat here.” Would you happen to have any suggestions?” Even though the socialites love to eat at the bar, asking for a table for two is perfectly acceptable.

Meet New People.

Connect with people while away with social media like Facebook and Twitter. Invite a bunch of local friends out to dinner, and you’ll be amazed at how many show up—after all, everyone loves playing host for the evening.

Make an effort to pursue your interests while you’re away. Being a reclusive hermit is not necessary when travelling alone.

To that end, following the old adage “when in Rome,” you can research trips that cater to your interests while also showcasing the local culture, no matter where you are on the globe.

Take It Easy!

Never let yourself get lonely on a solo trip; plenty of things keep you occupied. Some of these advantages are small, like being able to dip your chips in guacamole twice or having an hourly epiphany without anyone getting mad at you.

The real perk of travelling solo, though, is unrivalled independence. Even if you haven’t learned it yet, you’ll still have a great time discovering whatever path you choose.

Embrace a Digital World

Rest assured, indulging in a night of television in your guesthouse is fine. It would be exhausting to go out every night at home, so why attempt it for a few months abroad?

There is free Wi-Fi just about everywhere these days, and everyone needs a tablet or smartphone. Modern technology lets you verify all the necessary details before starting your journey.

It lets you plan for your lodgings and make sure you’ll be picked up safely from your place.

Listening to podcasts, keeping up with the news, and staying connected with loved ones back home are great ways to pass the time on lengthy flights and ensure you’ll arrive in good spirits at your destination.

tips for surviving solo travel

Do Not Hide.

It’s normal to feel vulnerable while travelling alone; if you’re on public transit or in a restaurant, curling up with a good book is a great way to escape.

On the other hand, when you travel alone, you can feel at one with your surroundings and make friends with locals and tourists alike. Find solace in solitude when you need it, and when you’re ready to mingle, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

Pick Up Some Local Slang.

Before you go on your trip, learning some basic phrases and vocabulary is a good idea. The ability to say hello, strike up a conversation, ask for a beverage, and count to ten is incredibly useful.

It’s appreciated when you show that you’re making an effort, however rusty. Travelling and making new friends requires learning a language. If seeing the world opens one’s mind, learning the language is a great way to advance.

Your Paperwork

Having and securely storing the necessary travel documents is essential. No one likes to be stuck in a foreign country without a visa, thus this is extremely important for solo travellers.

Please verify that you have a secure location to store your passport and visa details. Also, please take pictures of important documents and email them to yourself.

Having insurance is also very important. A sure way to get where you’re going with less stress is to have backup and insurance. Being cautious is preferable to being overly cautious, as the adage says.

Always Keep Yourself Safe.

Although travelling alone has many advantages, being aware of the same dangers as travelling in a group or duo is essential. Be wary of local frauds, watch your drinks, and double-check your possessions before venturing out at night in large cities.

Taking that initial step is the hardest part of travelling alone, no matter how tough it gets. After that, a little knowledge, an adventurous spirit, and some reliable travel advice are all that’s required. Get ready for an exciting and rewarding journey.

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